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Our plant-based ingredients

Our fascination with gluten free grains and plants has provided a palette of ingredients from which to create delicious gluten free foods for the whole day. Find out more about these wonderful ingredients used across our range of FREEE FloursBaking MixesBreakfast CerealsPastaOat Bars and more.

Below, you can discover some of nature’s heroes that feature in our plant-based world and what makes each of them unique. Several of our FREEE Flours and Mixes contain specially developed blends based on these ingredients.

Buckwheat 1 - Freee Foods


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Chickpea - Freee Foods


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Gram - Freee Foods


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Maize - Freee Foods

Maize or Corn

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Oats - Freee Foods


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Potato - Freee Foods


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Quinoa - Freee Foods


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Rice - Freee Foods


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Tapioca - Freee Foods


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Teff - Freee Foods


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