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Introducing our very first cookbook FREEE Baking, written by our founder Clare Marriage.

FREEE Baking is aimed at giving you all the tools, tips and recipes you need to be a successful gluten free baker. With 50 years’ experience of gluten free baking, we have collected 100 of our favourite gluten free recipes which have been developed, tested and re-tested countless times over many years.

Each chapter is easy to navigate and split up to be as useful to you as possible including (1) cakes (2) biscuits, scones and traybakes (3) bread (4) Yorkshire puddings, pancakes and doughnuts (5) pastry, crumbles and puddings and (6) pizza, dumplings and pasta. These are recipes that you can trust, with everything easily explained in simple steps, alongside basic fundamental hints and tips.

This book is very special to us and we hope you will all love it as much as we do. Happy baking!

NB – Free delivery is only applicable on orders containing a copy of our cookbook . The free shipping discount is applied at checkout. *T&C’s apply.

FREEE Baking Cookbook


29 Reviews

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Reviews & Ratings (29)

Wow! This is hands down one of the best gluten free cookbooks I’ve come across. Beautiful book, delicious recipes and everything is explained so well. This book is life changing and sure to be one I always keep referring too. Thank you FREEE ☺️


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I bought this book for my daughter who is gluten intolerant. There are lots of great recipes which have easy to follow recipes. It’s already a firm favourite and looks good too!

Susan Solway

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Book was bought for my 13 year old daughter as she wanted to learn to bake for her 18 year old brother who is coeliac. She has enjoyed learning and improving her baking skills for her brother.

Mike Hoy

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I have been using the recipes for a few years now, but the book surpasses everything. The recipes are great and importantly, bakes taste great. Pre diagnoses I was a fair baker, but gluten free bakery just seemed beyond me. Now, using the book, I cook cakes and everything is eaten by everyone and throughly enjoyed - gluten free or not. Thank you for the creation of this lovely book.


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Only a 4 because there are not enough chocolate recipes, otherwise a very good book covering all aspects of baking.

Douglas Pryde

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Being relatively new to this gluten free world as my 12 year old daughter was recently diagnosed, I had to learn how to bake all over again. It was becoming a minefield and I was spending a fortune on shop bought cakes as mine were a disaster! However with this amazing book my cakes have become a success once again. The triple layer chocolate cake had rave reviews from my daughter’s friends at her birthday party…no better accolade than that. Thank you very much Clare for such a fabulous cook book.


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Really lovely gluten free cookbook. So handy to have so many gf adapted recipes all in one place. Made a loaf of bread so far and worked very nicely. Looking forward to trying more recipes. Thank you!

Marie T

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Fabulous book , been making lots of very tasty and successful recipes from this super gluten free publication .

Sue Benz

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Iperchased 2 copies of this amazing cookbook.i bought one for a good friend and iv follow some recipes with some fantastic results.

Mrs pat wing

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Excellent, superb, cookery book Never had anything so good *****


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I thoroughly enjoy this cookbook it has been a lifesaver for my family. My husband and son were both diagnosed coeliac. I always loved baking so they were used to home made fancies. The recipes are so easy to follow and no-one can tell the difference which means I use it for all my baking. Delicious 😋

Dolores O'Neill

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Bought 2 books one for a friend I think they are brilliant fantastic recipes over the moon with my book.

Susan Newman

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

This book is fantastic! Every recipe l try works perfectly. It is a delight to try the different recipes and my confidence in baking gluten free has grown enormously. Thank you so much this book is worth it's weight in gold !

Richard Lewis

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Treated myself to this just before Christmas. Tried some of the recipes on my family and they don't realise that they're glunten free!! Looking forward to trying the pizza base. Highly recommend it 😋😋

Trudy Dean

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I love your book , it is easy to follow and loads of helpful information, I will consider this one of my best gluten free books , I know I will find it very useful for the future on my gluten free journey Thanks for your book Kind regards.

Gavin McIntosh

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I was really excited when this book was published and it has lived up to its expectations. I’ve been diagnosed coeliac for nearly 6 years and the first year was very difficult. I started to cook from scratch and a lot of experimenting went on. This book is brilliant with a wealth of information, easy to follow recipes and colourful illustration enticing me to create a masterpiece!! Conversion charts and a guide to gluten free baking make great additions to the book. A very well thought out gluten free baking book which will be very well used. Well done and Thank You 😊

Debbie Bean

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

The recipes work. They are so easy to follow. It’s the best GF recipe book I’ve got


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I bought this for my Grandaughter in law for Christmas. She is delighted with it and has sent me photo’s of bakes she had made. She says she enjoyed the best Pizza she has had for a long time. I would probably have scored it 5 but obviously, I don’t have personal experience of using the book. The recipes look clear and the photographs of the food are beautiful. Very pleased to have been able to help her have some safe and varied food by buying this book.

Maureen Wilson

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

This really is an excellent book, think it's the only one you're ever going to need in the baking world. Easy to follow recipes with brilliant results even for a novice like me. Well done all those involved at Freee.

George Snow

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Hello, both of us are coeliacs. This fabulous cookbook has opened up our world of cooking. We enjoy the recipes which are nice to follow and such a refreshing change to the other stuffy cookbooks, keep up the good work.

John Doyle

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I bought the book for my granddaughter, and gave it to my son in law, who does the cooking. He now stands with her as she prepares and cooks her own food. I didn’t expect so much so soon, but one small step into her personal future is no bad thing! She now makes her own lunches for school, (so no more sore tummy), and, at 12 yrs old, she is, I hope, starting to define her own celiac future. Bless ‘em both!


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I have been Gluten Free for over 40 years and I’m a keen cook. This is by far the best GF cookbook I have found to date. I love the moist Dundee cake, Blueberry muffins and carrot cake just to mention three. The Yorkshire puddings worked better than any other GF ones that I made before. The chocolate brownies were wonderful, the best ever since my favourite supermarket stopped their own packet mix. Cant wait to work my way further through this easy to follow recipe book. Another bonus unlike some GF books you don’t have to buy and store half a dozen different flours. Well done Claire Marriage for such a brilliant book.

Gill Marchant

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

After year of successfully using the recipes found on the Freee flour sacks I knew any cookbook published here would be just what I needed to keep my Coeliac husband happy - and after having this book in the kitchen these past few months I now know I was correct to trust the purchase. I especially love the way every recipe is larger print and is 'step-by-step' in an easy to follow layout. Every recipe I've used yields consistent reliable successes. The book sits perfectly on my cookbook stand (held open at the recipe with a large elasticated band and protected from splatters with cling film). The only way this wonderful book could be bettered would be if the next edition is presented in an easy page turn spiral wire binding. Thank-you for publishing it!

Bianca Mitchell

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Cake recipes are excellent, tried the Ruff Puff pastry but it wasn't successful, Sweet mince pies pastry worked out fine. The best recipe book I've read. I would recommend it.


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Doves Farm flours have been my go to choice for all my free from baking over the last few years and are readily available in most major supermarkets. So, as soon as I was made aware that they were producing a book of recipes I immediately joined the waiting list. On receiving the book I was impressed with the range of recipes available. The book is compact and precise and the recipes are easy to follow and nearly always turn out as expected. Any that don't can usually be explained by not quite the correct oven temperature (I should invest in an oven thermometer, don't trust the dial on your oven) or moisture content (flour moisture content can naturally fluctuate between batches or length of time you have had in storage). That is why professional chefs / bakers adjust the wet ingredients they add to recipes. Overall a great book that I will keep referring to.


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I often used the recipes on the website and was delighted when the book was published, great to have them all in one gorgeous book. I have been disappointed with other gf recipes but have tried several of these and never had any issues, always delicious. The oat and date traybake is my current favourite. Thank you!

Julie Greeves

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Lovely book. Great, easy to follow recipes. A treat for myself.


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

I have been using your delicious recipes for a long time, and was delighted that you we’re putting everything together in such a gorgeous book. With beautiful pictures and easy to follow instructions this gluten free book is by far my favourite.


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

Excellent gluten free cookbook- very clear instructions have made me fall in love with baking again

Josephine Tregear

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Cookbook

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