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Introducing our very first cookbook FREEE Baking, written by our founder Clare Marriage. Special edition signed copy with free delivery on orders containing a copy of our cookbook.

FREEE Baking is aimed at giving you all the tools, tips and recipes you need to be a successful gluten free baker. With 50 years’ experience of gluten free baking, we have collected 100 of our favourite gluten free recipes which have been developed, tested and re-tested countless times over many years.

Each chapter is easy to navigate and split up to be as useful to you as possible including (1) cakes (2) biscuits, scones and traybakes (3) bread (4) Yorkshire puddings, pancakes and doughnuts (5) pastry, crumbles and puddings and (6) pizza, dumplings and pasta. These are recipes that you can trust, with everything easily explained in simple steps, alongside basic fundamental hints and tips.

This book is very special to us and we hope you will all love it as much as we do. Happy baking!

NB – Free delivery is only applicable on orders containing a copy of our cookbook . The free shipping discount is applied at checkout. *T&C’s apply.

FREEE Baking Signed Cookbook


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Reviews & Ratings (5)

Just what I needed. Basics for someone new to a gluten free diet. Thank you


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Signed Cookbook

An excellent cook book. Well laid out with steps easy to follow. One glitch, I still can't the brown bread to cook in the bread machine but I will keep trying.

Alun Thomas

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Signed Cookbook

The recipe I’ve tried so far was delightful more so since I’ve done very little baking using GF products. This book inspired me to experiment


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Signed Cookbook

I like the book very much and the receipts are straightforward with not too many ingredients. I struggled with all the different gluten free grains and flours and how to use them but this book offers a fairly simple way forward. The white loaf and brown loaf are both very nice and slice well. I prefer the bread toasted and the slices do brown nicely. There’s lots more to try!


Reviewing: FREEE Baking Signed Cookbook

FREEE are the experts in providing gluten free cooking ingredients and now they have published a gluten free cookbook. The recipes are all easy to make with beautiful photos and easy to read print. The book will provide everybody who is a coeliac, and some who are not, many happy baking days free from the worry of thinking is this safe to eat. Highly recommended.

Kathleen Dabell

Reviewing: FREEE Baking Signed Cookbook

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