Gluten Free Spaghetti with Aubergine and Tomato Sauce

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Featuring aubergine or eggplant and tomato cooked in olive oil, this style of sauce is typical in the South of Italy where it is often called Pasta Norma. The sauce can be made in advance and gently re-heated when you are ready to cook the pasta. Spaghetti is the ideal choice of pasta for this hearty, plant-based, vegan dish although it is also delicious with penne and fusilli.


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colander, kitchen paper, frying pan and lid, 2 x mixing bowls, large 2lt saucepan and serving dish


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2 aubergines
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
4 tbsp olive oil
800g tomatoes, fresh or tinned
1 tbsp basil
pinch of brown sugar
500g FREEE Organic Maize and Rice Spaghetti
salt and pepper
olive oil, to prevent sticking
fresh basil leaves, to scatter


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Aubergine and Tomato Sauce 

  1. Cut the aubergines into 2cm/¾” cubes, sprinkle with some salt and put them into a colander standing on a bowl for an hour.
  2. Dry the aubergine cubes with some kitchen paper, throw away any liquid that has drained out of them and put the cubes into the bowl.
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of oil and stir to coat the aubergine cubes in the oil.
  4. Tip the aubergines into the frying pan over a gentle heat and fry until soft, turning occasionally.
  5. Transfer the cooked aubergines to a plate.
  6. Put the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil into the frying pan over a gentle heat.
  7. Chop the onion, dice the garlic cloves and add them to the frying pan.
  8. Cook over a gentle heat until soft.
  9. Chop the tomatoes and add them to the pan. 
  10. Add the prepared aubergines, basil, brown sugar, season with salt and pepper and stir to combine.
  11.  Cover and simmer very gently for 20 minutes.

Cooking Maize and Rice Spaghetti

  1. Three-quarter fill a large 2lt saucepan with water.
  2. Add a little salt and bring it to a rapid, rolling boil. 
  3. Add the pasta and stir to avoid it sticking.
  4. Boil uncovered for 7 minutes.
  5. Carefully remove a piece of pasta and cut it with the side of a fork. If the pasta resists, continue to boil and repeat the fork test every minute until it is ‘al dente’ and just cuts through the pasta.
  6. Drain the pasta into a colander over the sink. 

Spaghetti with Aubergine and Tomato Sauce

  1. Gently re-heat the sauce if it has been made in advance and warm the serving dish.
  2. Tip the drained pasta into the serving dish.
  3. Add a little olive oil and stir to prevent the pasta sticking.
  4. Make a space in the middle of the pasta and tip the sauce into the middle or serve the sauce in a separate dish.
  5. Sprinkle some basil leaves over the top and serve. 

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