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In a few easy steps you can create freshly baked bread or rolls, with the addition of only two ingredients. This mix is ideal for those on a gluten free diet who want to enjoy delicious homemade bread busting with the natural crunch of a five-seed mix.

In just a few steps, and with only water and oil, this Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix will make one loaf or 8 rolls.

This product is Coeliac UK, Vegan and Kosher certified. 


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GLUTEN FREE Seeded Bread Mix

Ingredients: potato starch, tapioca starch, seed mix 13.5% (sunflower, poppy, pumpkin, teff, flaxseed), chickpea flour, rice flour, maize flour, yeast, sugar, salt, psyllium husk powder, thickener (xanthan gum), vinegar powder (spirit vinegar, maltodextrin), carob.

Allergy advice: free from gluten, milk, peanut and egg.

Storage: once opened store in cool dry place away from sunlight.

Packaging material: OPP/PE laminate.



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Typical values per 100g
Energy 1517kJ
Fat 6.5g
of which saturates 0.8g
Carbohydrates 67g
of which sugars 1.4g
Fibre 5.7g
Protein 5.1g
Salt 0.89g

Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g


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Reviews & Ratings (16)

just made this bread ,again very simple steps to follow as for the white loaf bake for the 50 miniutes, fantastic taste,crisy crust ,please can we have a mix for an irish soda bread and pastry too, also nearly forgot to add great light brown colour.


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

This bread has excellent flavour and rise. My only gripe is that on my 2 hour Gluten free programme on my Panasonic Bread machine, the bread isn't cooked through properly at the bottom.


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

This is quite simply the best gf bread I’ve ever eaten. The mix is delicious and produces loaves of great flavour and substance. I cook two at a time and freeze one.


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

I made this two days ago and it's still edible. I agree with Jools, it is the best GF bread I have ever tasted. It's not sweet like most, it doesn't grumble and disintegrate. It toasts very well, maybe due to the oil. I made it to the instructions, it rose well, is not heavy and the seeds give it a wholesome flavour. I'm going to try the sourdough recipe next, however, I will definitely come back to this, I'm experimenting at the moment.

Madeleine Brzeski

Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

My Mum bought this pack to make me a vegan and GF loaf and we were all so impressed! Even those who would normally eat regular bread were choosing this bread instead! After 5 days the bread was still good - slightly dry but perfect toasted. I will be buying this mix from now on and have asked my local grocers if they can stock it.

Bea Darling

Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

After hating shop bought gluten free bread I started making my own using doves farm flour. I have tried a lot of recipes and my Mum got this one on a whim due to all the other flours running out during lockdown. Can safely say it’s the nicest gluten free bread I’ve ever had. So glad I have found it. Thanks doves farm!


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

This product was a positive surprise. I haven’t used ready mixes before so approached with trepidation after refusing to purchase readymade bread which is selling at £2.95 for 5 small slices= 250g Extremely quick and easy to use with a very good result. I added a small handful of sunflower seed, crushed almond flakes and sesame seed left over from another recipe, scattering some sesame on top. Crisp outer and fluffy inside. Chopped hazelnuts and diced semi-dry apricots are also good. This is an ideal product if only one member of the family or a gust is gluten intolerant


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

I really like this bread when I bake it in the oven... Delicious...however I have to agree with the reviewer above. I did also write to you about this a while ago and you tested the batch and felt it was okay. I have found for a second time running it does not bake well on a gluten free setting in a Panasonic bread maker. It’s rise went immediately down when it hit the air and when cut if feels more doughy and slightly wet. I measured ingredients accurately.


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

Like others I have bought many makes of GF ready made bread, but found this at a farm shop, tried it, never looked back! Taken me a hike to master the bake I find using hot water not boiling, rather than warm, I drizzle the one tablespoon of oil over the top of the bread. I mix well the ingredients before hand Then Put into the mixer onto high for 2mins. I leave the bread either in the sunlight on a shelf or I warm my oven to 50 then turn off.once cold I Put the bread in polybag to keep fresh. It tastes delicious I recommend to friends too..

Lynn Carter

Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

This is the best Wheat free bread I have tasted. I loved the crispy crust. Even my husband was tempted to taste it when he saw it. Given he doesn't eat brown or seeded breads normally, that's an achievement. What's more, he liked it. I have already ordered 4 more packs. Picking up on a previous point regarding water temp, it's usually 110° to 115° when mixing yeast with water but if the yeast is already in the dry ingredients then the water should be 120° to 130°.

Wendy Kingston-Hoole

Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

Loved this bread. I baked it in the oven following the basic recipe on the packet and it turned out great. I don’t have much luck with my baking so this was really pleasing.


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

It’s a fabulous loaf and has become my mainstay bread. I have tried other gluten-free varieties but nothing came close to the texture and flavour and overall consistency of the spread. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to go to gluten free

Dolly Lushai

Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

Absolutely perfect result using Menu 14 (Gluten Free) Dark Crust using Panasonic and following the instructions on the bag precisely. A very attractively risen loaf with a swirled top and a crisp crust. Gluten free bread does not get better than this and it is still ok after two days!


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

I baked this loaf in the Panasonic breadmaker, basic rapid, dark crust as indicated on the packet and it came out well. So nice to finally eat a freshly baked crusty bread again!


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

Best gluten free bread I’ve tasted . Would be great if they did larger bags to bring the cost per loaf down a bit .


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

This is the nicest gluten free bread I have had in a long time. Its so hard to buy a brown seeded loaf that's gluten free, so I had try to this mix when I saw it. So glad I did. Very easy to make too!


Reviewing: Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix 500g

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