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Blended from naturally gluten free ingredients, use this Gluten Free White Bread Flour as an alternative to white bread bread flour made from wheat. Follow our recipes to make bread in your oven or bread machine.

This product is Coeliac UK and Kosher certified.


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GLUTEN FREE White Bread Flour Blend

A blend of naturally gluten free flours

Ingredients: flour blend (rice, tapioca, potato), thickener (xanthan gum).

Storage: to keep your flour at its best, roll down the top after use and store in a cool dry place.

Packaging material: paper.

Milled in the UK with EU & Non-EU Rice.

Always cook flour before consumption. 


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Typical values per 100g
Energy 1490kJ
Fat 0.9g
of which saturates 0.2g
Carbohydrate 80g
of which sugars 0.3g
Fibre 1.4g
Protein 5.3g
Salt 0.04g


Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg


45 Reviews

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Free From: Milk, Egg, Peanuts, Nuts, Gluten, Wheat

Proud to be: Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher

Reviews & Ratings (45)

Made the bread from the recipe on the packet in my bread machine. It rose nicely and is far lighter than other gluten-free bread recipes I've tried in the machine. But it has far too strong an olive oil flavour and lacks any other taste.

You can use any kind of oil in this recipe!

Mrs Victoria Harrison

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Not made a successful loaf yet using the recipe on the packet for breadmakers. An expensive experiment so far.

We regularly make gluten free bread in our machine using the on pack recipe and it works a treat. You can use any oil or milk and for best results you do need to weigh the ingredients.

Mr Stephen Hollands

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I've been using this flour to make gluten free flour and the end result is very good, better even than normal dough pizza. The recipe on the packet however seems to make the dough far too wet and I end up adding about twice as much flour than is stated. The dough is still very sticky, weak and hard to use. Once rolled it can be frozen and cooked straight from the freezer no problems. Am I missing something, or do other people have the same problem?

Mr Bertie van der Beek

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I had good results using a bread maker, but since this broke down I have had heavy results making by hand. The best bread was made using a food mixer and leaving out the vinegar. Gluten free bread is never like wheat bread if that is what people are expecting. I never try to roll it for pizza I just spread it with a spatula. This is the best mix I have found, and I have tried lots of those available.

Mrs Denise Hayes

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I followed this recipe, but don't expect it to be anything like a normal bread,!!! It's more like a cake base. I was not impressed with it at all!!!

Mrs susan fox

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I have tried loads of different flours and this is the one that gives me best results - always. I mix it with 20% Buckwheat flour for a better taste. I use a panasonic breadmaker.

Mr Mike Pearce

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Tried making bread using this mix and the recipe on the back of the pack, but every time it comes out incredibly heavy. Using Panasonic breadmaker on Gluten Free mode, but no luck. Have had perfect results with other (more expensive) mixes. Any advice?

Mr Josh Bartlett

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Tried using this flour following the instructions that came with my Panasonic bread machine. Great result first time. Only downside is the recipe contains eggs and I find the overpowering egg taste & flavour off putting.

Mrs Sarah Gaskell

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I make this bread via the packet recipe in my Panasonic machine but I use the normal bread setting, not the gluten free one. The loaf always comes out well, although it's a little bit cakey. The brown version is better, I think.

Ms Lesley Fraser

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I too found the finished product to be a bit cakey. I enjoyed it far more really thinly sliced and toasted. It's a cross between a crispbread and melba toast and just perfect with cheese, pate etc!

Mrs Angela Brereton

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

first time using this flour today - much easier than other breads to knead,(did by hand) didnt rise as such - but not ever had gluten/wheat free bread before. choose it as an alternative to normal white bread. agree was a little cakey - but much nicer than spelt bread. so could def. get used to it. had it warm with feta cheese. delicious. only query is that can you make it without the sugar or the reduced amount as found it a bit sweet. will def buy again. :-)

Miss hollie gray

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

made a small loaf following the recipe on the reverse of this bread flour it has a firm texture cuts really well tastes & nice,4 milk i use full cream sainsburys jersey milk..

Mr steven haley

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

We have a Panasonic SD253 and have had no luck using the gluten free setting and this flour. The bread hardly rises and is very heavy. We've followed both the recipe on the back of the packet and the one in the manual, both using the GF setting on the machine. Can anyone help please? It's driving us mad!

Mr Robert Davis

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I tried twice to bake the braed but it comes out so hard and heavy! I could manage to cut and eat it only when I took it out from the oven. The next day, the bread had totaly changed "character". If anyone can advise me...

Mrs elena moschidi

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

An old baker who had run his own business for 40 years once told me that the secret of any good bread was AIR - particularly for brown breads. Consequently I now start any bread making session on the dough setting, which lasts 90 minutes on most bread makers. When the 90 minutes are up my bread maker reverts to the normal bread cycle (3 hours) and I then start it on that programme. Thus it takes me 4.5 hours to make a loaf, but the results are worth it as the loaf is much lighter and tastier. Obviously the gluten-free loaf does not rise so much but it still gets the thumbs-up from my wife. I hope this tip might be of help to some of you.

Mr Ian Easthope

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

The recipe on the back says use 310 g of milk should this read 310 ml?

Dear Mr Ham, Yes this is correct - the milk needs to be weighed in a bowl first. Thanks, Doves Farm

Mr Julian Ham

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

hey i had terrific results every time with this flour. but now i find out im lactose intolerent! what can i use instead of milk. soya went flat as a slab!! HELP! please xxx

Hi Nicola, We would suggest trying rice milk or lactofree instead. I hope this helps! Best wishes, Doves Farm

Mrs nicola thomas

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I need to make either a white or brown loaf that is dairy free, gluten free and yeast free would like to know how i can do this with this flour and which would be better white or brown?

Hi,You could try making our gluten free brown soda bread which is free from the ingredients you list above - milk can be replaced with rice milk or soya milk. The recipe can be found:

Miss Ammie Horobin

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I made the oven baked bread using this flour yesterday and it worked brilliantly and tastes lovely. I slightly modified the method - once the milk is warmed, add the sugar and yeast, leave and allow to foam for a few minutes and then cool slightly before adding the eggs then continue as per the method on the packet. It more than doubled in size and was very well aerated and soft in the centre. Refreshed today and still as nice

Mrs Katy Carey

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I made this bread following the recipe on the packet for the Breadmaker. The bread looked amazing and was beautiful on the day I made it. However the next day it was dry and crumbly - really awful. I used soya milk instead of ordinary milk.

Mrs Monica Keane

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I have also tried this recipie with the SD253 on Gluten Free, Wholemeal and normal bread settings, and been disappointed. It's always the same result: flat as a pancake, consistency of a crumpet. I've measured ingredients very carefully; tried adding Vit C: no improvement; tried adding 10% more water as the mixture seemed so heavy: no improvement. The only difference is in whether the centre falls in and ends up totally soggy or whether it's more or less a solid flat brick. I can only assume it's the yeast: I'm using Fermiplan which I keep in the freezer for freshness and works just fine for ordinary bread.

Dr Derek Roberts

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I have tried this recipe a few times and it does not work for me. I have also tried following the instructions for my machine and this also does not work. Each time it is disastrous, I am following the method to the exact but no look. please help.

Mrs Debbi Gittoes

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Being a master baker for over 37 years people often ask about gluten free bread which until today i have nether made until a family member asked for help! The method was unreal for me with out the need to Knead the dough, also the texture of the dough was very wet, batter like. I'm a strong believer in using fresh yeast in all my bread making which did not disappoint my gluten free loaf, proving and baking like a normal wheat bread. Very impressed with the flavor and light texture of the flour, but it will need eating within 2 days!

Mr Mike Armstrong

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

This flour is most useful though I tend to add 10% gram flour and 10% cornflour. I have recently bought some guar gum which states it is to be used in a 1:2 ratio with xanthan gum. Could you please advise how much xanthan gum is in the GF white bread flour per weight.

Dr Peter Ashby

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

This flour and the recipe recommended produce a super loaf. With having the eggs and milk in the recipe the texture is more like a brioche but it's really lovely. This is the best flour I have found for using in a bread maker. I'm a total convert

Mrs Anne Marie Bostock

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Ihave been making bread for a while the normal way just bought the gluten free to try as my husband has a problem with wheat tried your receipe but it was too moist not sticky ot elastic like the ordinary bread. checked your web just to see if i made it correct on one of your answers it says use 310gs of milk my packet says 310 ml please advise correct receipe cheers

Mrs rachel fugill

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

i have made this recipe but swapped the yeast for bicarbonate of soda and used room temperature buttermilk, otherwise follow instructions and it is really tasty. looks like a Madeira cake, same sort of texture but a little more crusty.

Mrs evelyne johnson

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I am just trying out a gluten free diet (because of stomach problems) and I have just made my first loaf in my bread maker. Must say i'm quite impressed. But it is rather sweet, can you cut back on the amount of sugar use I would be most grateful for an answer.

Dear Barbara, thank you for your query. This recipe was developed to cope with the idiosyncrasies of baking bread with gluten free bread flour. You could experiment with reducing the sugar but it may affect the ability of the yeast to raise the dough and decrease loaf volume. We hope this helps. All the best from Doves Farm

Mrs barbara hatherall

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I tried this and reduced the sugar and subbed in rice milk. It was ok but still had an allergy reaction, do I have to use vinegar?

Miss Claire Timothy

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

hi im a chef and im trying to make gluten free flat breads would this be the best flour to use as im struggling at the moment

Hi Jane. You can use either our Gluten Free White Bread Flour or Gluten Free Brown Bread Flour for flat bread. We also use Buckwheat Flour and Rice Flour. Check out our recipe: All the best, Doves Farm

Miss jane kearns

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Hi there, I've followed the bread machine recipe on the packet (although we tend to bake for extra time) and the bread is a big hit (so much nicer than store-bought GF bread) and makes delicious toast. I wondered whether buttermilk could be used rather than milk and vinegar?

Dear Deirdre, we haven't done this but we think it should be fine. Thank you, Doves Farm

Ms Deirdre Gill

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

can i make the bread recipe using water instead of milk. I want a dairy free gluten free bread.

Hi Judith, yes, you can substitute milk with water in our bread recipe. Thank you. All the best, Doves Farm

Mrs Judith Bornstein

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I am hoping to make bread with my class of 4 and 5 year olds. I have a child who is allergic to dairy, gluten and eggs. Is there any way to make bread using this flour that doesn't use eggs or milk? All the recipes I've found are very confusing and this flour combines so many things I need to buy that I'm hoping I can make it work! Rachel

Miss Rachel King

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I've had a lot of success with this flour. If you haven't made them already I can really recommend Paul Hollywood's Gluten Free Pitta Bread!! I half the recipe as it makes quite large pitta's. You can find it here

Mrs Kim Douglas

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Today I made my first ever gluten free bread using the recipe on the back of the flour packet. I didn't have a loaf tin so I used a muffin tin instead... muffin sized bread rolls! A very white, soft. tasty bread. I'm Very pleased.

Mrs Louise Russell

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

We've used this flour to make pasta, and I have to say it worked at absolute treat. It's quite a different methodology from wheat based pasta, but it tastes and feels superb with a chard and ricotta stuffing. Very impressed! Here's the recipe, in its wheat based form, with a note about using gluten free flour:-

Mr nik devlin

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

This makes great bread if you tweak the recipe. For me the MAGIC MISSING NGREDIENT is a teaspoon of guar gum - this helps the dough stick together rather than being a sloppy mess. Also I don't use any vinegar (personal preference), only use 1 egg, 4 tblspns olive oil and only 1 teaspoon sugar. Instead of milk I use a 50/50 milk/water mix. Hope this helps!

Mrs Sandra Putnam

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Dear Sandra Thank you for your tips, however your post is both the white and brown bread comments. I have no problem with the white, just the brown. I think you are referring to the brown recipe as you are substituting milk for water? A key point is are you using the bread machine recipe? Many thanks.

Mr Steve Downing

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Will this recipe work if I omitted the yeast and vinegar?

Mrs Louise Moore

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I use 2 dessertspoons flaxseeds instead of egg and often add a handful of pumpkin seeds and sometimes couple of spoons of chia. I use a hand blender to mix and find fresh yeast better than dried. Have made a wonderful blueberry with rosemary loaf (add frozen blueberries after using the blender) which is my son's favourite.

Maggi Martin

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

Made some bread rolls and loafs with this flour..they tasted lovely and had a great texture. I always slice my loaf s after they've cooled down, then freeze two slices in each bag, get them out when needed and then warm them up in the microwave...lovely and fresh again! and do the same with my rolls. Great Flour!

Tanya martin

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I have a Morphy Richards Fastbake bread machine, which doesn't have a gluten free setting. Have had perfect results using the cake setting. My (medium size) loaves have to be vegan - haven't tried using chickpea flour but in place of 2 egg whites I use 2tbs ground flax seeds or chia seeds, mixed with 5tbs water (mix well and leave to thicken for 15mins). Have found following the 6tbsp oil recipe the loaf is quite oily - more noticeable when toasted - so I reduce the oil to 4tbsp and the loaf is still perfect. Slice when cool and freeze.


Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I have just made two loaves over two days and the results are fantastic. A lovely rise and soft, lovely crumb. I served toasted slices to guests at breakfast WITHOUT telling them it was home/machine made. Their feedback was great - saying it’s the best gf they’d tasted, where did I buy it? I was so pleased to tell it was made by us. The recipe is so easy (even for me) and I made the vegan option with the gram (chickpea) flour. I had made the DF recipe from the machine manual a couple of years ago and the results weren’t great. Maybe the recipe has changed? Or maybe I made an error. Anyway. I would highly recommend this flour. To have the confidence to serve gf home made bread (toasted) is what I’ve been hoping for. I’d hoped to include photos. Thank you Doves Farm.


Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

I love it! The best gluten free bread I've ever eaten!!!! Thank you Freee :)


Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

The recipe on the pack for the bread machine is THE best. I follow it to a tee - with wet ingredients first and dry last of all - exactly as the recipe states. The loaf is a great size and it slices really well, with perfectly formed slices. I use it mainly for toasting and the toast is delicious. I wondered if I added more xanthum gum, would this make the crumb softer for sandwiches? Or can you suggest something else? All in all it makes the perfect gluten free loaf but only in the machine - I’ve tried it by hand and the results weren’t as great.

Jan Newson

Reviewing: Gluten Free White Bread Flour 1kg

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